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Managing a small business could be difficult work, as it is already in the growth phase, and you have to take care of more than one aspect of the business. One of the most crucial aspects of your business is how you are performing on social media. In this article, we have provided you the details on social media management tools. Look for More https://xploited.media/social-media-management/

Obviously, it is not easy to take care of social media accounts, while you will run your business. To save you this time, there are many social media management tools that you should use to easily manage your accounts and make your life and work easier.

Posting to your social media one by one is a problem, also managing comments, reach and messages can be a problem.

These social media management tools are a must for small businesses today.

Best Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses


This is the best social media management tool currently available, and in the next few lines, you’ll come to know why.

You can schedule your posts and the buffer will automatically post when fans and followers are most likely to see your posts and observe them.

There is a feature called buffer queue, you can add posts and decide which network you want.


IFTTT is a service, where they give you access to certain applications, selected by you, to manage your work on social media with ease.

The application suite is really useful in many cases as if you sent a photo, the application will automatically save it in its drop-down box.

These apps are the future of social media management. The best part is that you can select the apps according to your needs.


It is a complete panel for all your needs. It has the most advanced features and present in all management tools currently on the internet.

You can track conversations, other people’s content, statistics, schedule posts via the dashboard-based user interface. The user interface is easy to run and that is what makes it so popular with everyone.

Social Flow

It is a business model that was made mainly to check all your trends in social media management, posts, analysis.

You can check your posts, other people’s posts, optimize your posting times on the reach factor. It will help you to increase your revenue per customer.

Most social media tools cannot be used for professional work. They are only for a single or small team.

Social Oomph: Social Media Management

the tools of social media management

Socialoomph is a simple web-based provider of paid and free tools that can further improve your social media management techniques.

You can use it for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk and also for your blog.

All of these applications are extremely easy to manage due to their simple yet advanced design.

On twitter, it offers features like tweets, keywords and tracking statistics, view mentions and retweets statistics, DM inbox cleanup, self-monitoring and auto-DM features. These features are very useful for small businesses. The same resources are available for Facebook and other platforms.

It’s a powerful way to improve your social media reach and reduces your hassle of managing all your accounts at once. If you are new to the business, you can try this platform.

Now Pulse

Hootsuite and buffer come at the top of the budget, but if you want a cheap tool that does the same job for both, you should really consider this tool.

It is a powerful and dynamic tool, available on the market.

Entrepreneurs rated it as the best rated due to price flexibility when delivering the same job.

It can post to all social media platforms, schedule posts and does all the things you could think of.

You can see statistics for your posts, as well as those of your competitors.

Sprout Social

Social Sprout is popular with small businesses as it provides an easy interface, advanced functions and even has a simple user interface.

You can check your media trends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You can create multiple accounts for your team members, and everything charges the same amount, so you can manage social media for different people. This, of course, will make your job easier.

Commun: Social Media Management

Commun is a Twitter tool that is a favorite among major brands, but it is extremely valuable for small businesses as well.

Its most important feature is the ability to show who followed and who did unfollow. 

It lists users in three groups: Influencers, supporters and engagements, based on a variety of factors – this allows you to target your target audience more efficiently.

The main features are free, but the Pro plan is reasonably priced and offers access to full reporting features, as well as unlimited monitor/lead items, contracted members and custom groups for up to 4 Twitter accounts.


Although Canva is not a social media management tool, it is an essential tool for small businesses.

Social media managers in small businesses rarely have enough time to create detailed images this is where Canva comes in.

The tool provides resources that make it easier to turn ideas into visuals. You can create images with quotes, chat bubbles, custom icons and stickers.


When you grow your social presence on Twitter, it is very essential to keep track of your followers, their reach and analysis.

ManageFlitter has numerous features, including PowerPost – which shows you the best time to post your Tweets to the maximum extent.

It is divided into three sub-categories: Account Search, Tweet Search and searches your account.

Account Search searches for users with given names or keywords, Twitter Search searches for tweets on specified topics, and Search Your Account limits your account results.

ManageFlitter also provides free analysis to ensure that your campaigns are getting the desired engagement.

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